Local Resources for Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga

Here are some resources for mindfulness, meditation and yoga right here in Hyde Park! You don’t have to be flexible, spiritual or a Buddhist to practice these ancient stress-reduction techniques.

Do you know a resource that should be on this list? Reply to this post on our Facebook page with your favorite place to practice!

5 Pillars of Health #1 – Stress Management

Happy March! In like a lion, right?

I’ll be posting links here and on our Facebook page each month through July about strategies for you to improve the modifiable lifestyle factors that are the 5 pillars of your health. These are 5 aspects of the way you live your life that extensive research has show to have a profound impact on your health. They are: nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management and relationships/meaning/purpose (we’ll leave the final category, which is perhaps the most complicated for last). In which of these areas are you doing well already? Which areas need the most help? These are things you can improve, so I hope you’ll find this series empowering. First up for the month of March — Stress Management! Check out our Facebook page and check back in regularly as I add new posts throughout the month. https://www.facebook.com/praxischiro/


Dr. Willetts will be out of the office Thursday and Friday the weeks of Hanukkah,Christmas and New Year. Catherine will be out on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Ian will be out on Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!

Dr. V out of office dates this fall

I will be out of the office Sept 27-Oct 2 (M-F) and Nov 6-9 (F-M) for seminars with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Also, I’ve been called to jury duty from October 13 “and so from day to day until discharged by the Court.” All patients scheduled later that week will be notified late in the day on the 13th whether I’ll be able to keep those appointments.

Catherine is BACK!

Start your new school year off right with a massage! Catherine is back from maternity leave and baby Amber is doing well! Catherine is celebrating by offering a discount to ALL Praxis clients.

Receive $20 off the regular rate for massages of 1 hour or more. (Students receive $10 off the student rate.)

With the discount that’s:

  • 60 minutes – $60 ($50 student)
  • 75 minutes – $ 75 ($65 student)
  • 90 minutes – $95 ($85 student)

Schedule online at praxischicago.com. Each client may take advantage of this discount one time between September 11 and October 9, 2015.